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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

During an evaluation, patients will undergo a series of verbal as well as paper and pencil tests assessing multiple areas of cognition as well as tests measuring psychological/emotional functioning. Essentially, each subtest administered measures the performance of different parts of the brain. These are standardized tests in which patients are compared to individuals their specific age and education level. Completing these tests provides extremely detailed and individualized information which provides clarity regarding the extent of any changes or fluctuation in cognitive functioning as well as personality and/or psychological functioning.

On the day of the evaluation patients will likely be meeting with a testing technician for anywhere between 90 minutes and four hours, depending upon the nature of the referral and the intricacy of reported symptoms. We are typically able to at least estimate the amount of time patients will be with the technician based on the specific tests we are ordering before the day of the evaluation.

For the specific testing evaluation itself, we ask that patients are as comfortable as possible and they are permitted to bring a drink as well as a snack, as they will be permitted breaks throughout the assessment. Once the evaluation is finished, subtests will be scored, and a comprehensive report will be generated.

Typically, within a week of the evaluation, we will schedule a follow-up appointment where all of the results will be reviewed with Dr. Klinck. Patients may elect to present for these appointments alone but in many cases, it is advantageous to bring a family member.

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